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thank you guys sooooo much for all the notes and sweet comments on my pictures! (: it actually made me smile and feel loved, even if just aesthetically . and I kinda needed that today. its been a really rough few weeks.

I actually explained my situation to my boss today when I had to ask her for an emergency $200 from my vacation pay, since my dad’s girlfriend, who I live with (long story) says I’m apparently behind. I think my boss also heard me explaining to my supervisor that I needed tips to buy a jug of juice and maybe a few packs of noodles. She bought me lunch and gave me what snacks she had in her purse and quote on quote, “Smarten the puck up and get the blank out of there.” And then essentially sent me on to an appointment with someone who can hopefully help me get out of this situation.

God. fucking. love her though.

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ending this night with a teenage boy throwback, with causeallidoisdance in mind for some reason. haha hope ya like me!

i lovE THESE JESUS AHHH look at your face and hair and ahhh such nice style *w*

only reblogging to reply to youuuu, aweeee #^^# thank you so much! haha I kinda figured you’d like my “boyish era”

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okay so the second one’s a lie, but I had fun with it hehe. still loving this side shave shit. ;3

guys, seriously, what happened? I go away for a night and come back to 37 new followers and this post blowing up. WAS I DISCOVERED OR SOME CRAZYASS MAGIC?

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genocidermeow Asked: youuuuu are so friggin' cute omg

sweet mercy hahah thanks ya! :3 I try-ish

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mys0ul-is-organic Asked: You're so beautiful oh my gosh

Good golly, thank you muchly! (: haha

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ending this night with a teenage boy throwback, with causeallidoisdance in mind for some reason. haha hope ya like me!

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Dane and Dan on the set of Kill Your Darlings

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Hockey Collection!

Hey hockey fans check out this cool hockey collection I’ve put together!

Buy Them Here!

Hockey Mother Pucker Do You Play It?

Yellow ll Red ll Blue

Don’t Puck With A Hockey Girl

White ll Pink ll Black

I’d Slap That

White ll Black


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this is probably one of the sexiest gifs ever


Holy sweet baby jesus

now this man is either dead or just old as hell but lord he was something else.

who is thiss someone message me!!!

he was my boyfriend in the 1960’s. im immortal

that´s marlon brando 

And this is Brando.

And this.

And this.

It depresses me that people didn’t know who this was.

Fun fact:  this is the same guy who got pretty pissed at one of his directors and retaliated by refusing to ever wear pants on set, so the director had to work around only filming him from the waist up.

He was also active during the civil rights movement, to the point where he was even at the March on Washington 


(That’s him with activist/author James Baldwin)

He sent a native american woman in his place at the oscars to accept his award because he was angry about the treatment of native americans in this country and in the industry. 

Oh and he was also allegedly bi sexual 

there’s no alleged…he was bisexual. James B also wanted the D.

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